About Us

In 2006, Ugandan natives Dr Joy Ngobi and her husband Gideon returned to their African homeland to visit family. They both agreed they must shift from the path they had been on, which was helping family and friends by giving them money to subsidize their way of life. Was there a better way? Seeing women […]

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Medical Mission

Our Medical Services program has helped over 400 individuals to receive surgeries they would not have otherwise received, some having waited years. This program not only helps to fill in a huge void in the lives of the Ugandans but has enabled us to return home with a sense of purpose, fulfillment and gratification. Our next medical team will be traveling in February of 2013.

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Education being such a vital part of a child’s life, we offer the opportunity to the poor and orphaned to receive this benefit. By giving these children an education we can not only improve their life immediately but for the rest of their lives.

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