We understand- on many levels -that when you decide to give money to an organization you have legitimate concerns…you are wondering:

Is it really going to help those that it serves?

Our answer, Yes

Is my money truly well spent, thoughtfully directed?

Yes. Without a doubt. Your gift of caring is going where you direct it; you make the choice. So…hospital, well projects or educational scholarships.

What will I get in return?

Your gift delivers the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped another human being towards a better life, …and for you in a practical way: a tax deduction.

Why should I choose Hope Institute over other organizations?

We are proud to say that Hope Institute is a worthy endeavor in need of your gift, and is helping many in need.


Our answer to you for all of these questions is:

We are dedicated to making lives better, building stronger futures – which has a ripple effect in Uganda. We are a grassroots organization which truly believes we can make a difference. In the short time we have been a non-profit we have made a huge positive difference in many lives...we see it everyday.

Our organization is proud to be transparent. At any time you are welcome to examine our ledgers and see where your caring donation goes.  We are volunteers: No one in our organization draws a salary. This humane service is extremely close to all our hearts –and we hope that you can find it within yours to help us:

  • with a monetary donation

  • by offering supplies,

  • or giving of your precious time.

If you would like to travel with us on our mission, you are most welcome. We have so much more to accomplish.

Our current project requires that we raise $30,000. We are raising money for a Brick Oven bakery. We are in partnership with Seven Loaves Project and are eager to get our bakery built. This will help to train and create sustainable jobs. Also supplies fresh, healthy bread daily. You may purchase a brick for $5.00 and we will paint your name on the bakery in Uganda upon completion. You can buy for employees, grandchildren, in memory of or any name you would like.

Please consider helping us with our goal.
Thank you.

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