Our future plans associated with the Vocational Training Institute will include job training for:

Tree Planting:

We are big believers in protecting the environment and we will be paying particular attention to preserving nature with our farming methods. To date there has been deforestation in many places with no one replacing the trees. Since last year, we began planting trees and 6 acres of trees were planted then. Although the trees are growing, the workmanship was not excellent as trees were planted very close to each other. Our next effort is to plant over 40 acres of trees although this will be professionally done. This project is planned for this year once the land agreement is all in place with our Ugandan partners. In 5-10 years, the trees will be mature and they will provide finances for our programs.

In the fall of 2008 a pilot project included one acre of Bamboo planting. At the moment the organization is searching for the right kind of specie of Bamboo plant.


If you have interest in tree farming or our nutritional planting program, please contact us. We would love your assistance.

Uganda is an agricultural country and most of the population makes a living by being subsistence farmers. We hope to build on this experience and make this a source of income for the institute.  It will also be providing jobs for the local people. Farming will be for the benefit of the vocational institute as a source of revenue and to feed the students while at the vocational Institute.

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