Rebecca Center

The Rebcca Center once completed will be named after Dr Joy Ngobi’s sister. Rebecca had a great love of reading and education and has inspried us to continue her passion. Unfortunatley Dr Rebecca Isiko’s life was cut short after battling  ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease).

Under this program, we will provide spiritual, mental, and physical education for our students with the aim of reducing high risk behaviors. We will also provide career guidance and counseling.  Our goal will be to encourage, motivate, equip, and train young men and women who can go out in the world and stand squarely against their circumstances. This department will encourage talent development using methods that have worked for other communities.

There are many needed facilities for the Resource Center:

  • Library / Computer room

  • Music and Arts center

  • Sports facility

  • Convention center with some boarding facilities–this particular resource will allow us to make money by renting it out to other organizations and individuals for conferences and social functions.

  • Architectural firm to draw plans of the resource center.

If you have any supplies or equipment that would benefit these programs above, please e-mail

Also our first Youth conference, the HOPE 2007 conference was held in December of 2007 in Jinja, Uganda. We had over 120 young men and women who were either orphans or from extremely poor backgrounds that spent three days with us. Our Ugandan team composed of nationals who are all successful people in their trades. Leaders shared their life stories and there was a lot of encouragement for the kids. We have since received a lot of positive comments. All funding for this conference, over $6000 dollars, was provided by the HOPE INSTITUTE through their sales of Jinja Jewelry. Within 2 years time we delegated the Hope conference activities to the Hope Institute, Uganda Board of Directors. The latest program was recently held again, with continuing success, in the beginning of 2011. These conferences are held bi-annually.

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