Medical Mission

Many of the people of Jinja and surrounding communities have little or no access to medical care. Facilities are limited, medical personnel are stretched thin, and money and equipment are always in short supply – even the most basic services are often out of reach. Our medical team has much to offer the people of Uganda.


Our Objectives:

To support the improvement/development of health facilities in Uganda. This will be done in collaboration with the Medical professionals in Uganda and North America medical communities. Providing direct health care will provide hope to the disadvantaged who can not otherwise afford the health care. Changing a generation, one life at a time.

To mobilize equipment and volunteer medical personnel to visit Uganda. Hope Institute will serve as a link in channeling resources such as medical professionals, equipment and supplies here in North America to Uganda hospitals and clinics. This will serve to strengthen cooperation between the people of Wisconsin and Uganda that already exists and could serve as a source of tourism for the region.

To empower the rural population of the greater Jinja region live with increased dignity, independence and hope. This will be achieved through training and professional support. Volunteer medical personnel from abroad will offer skills training to counterpart staff in the region.

If you would like to donate medical supplies or volunteer, please contact us at

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