Medical Mission Results

2008 Medical Services Team Accomplishments

A team of 22 medical professionals and support staff volunteered  their time and airfare to travel to Buluba hospital in early August 2008 for one week. They screened, performed 82 surgeries in 3 1/2 days, and trained hospital staff in medical specialties.

A 40 foot container of donated medical supplies and equipment was shipped to Uganda in April 2008 valued at over $400,000. These supplies were totally invaluable to the hospital.

The 40-foot container shipped from Madison, WI  bound for Buluba hospital, Uganda arrived at a cost of over $14,000 USD. The funds were raised from the sale of Jinja Jewelry and donations from the community to Hope Institute. The people of Uganda made jewelry from recycled paper, which was sold in the USA and a portion of the proceeds were used to transport the badly needed medical supplies and equipment to their community hospital. This was a win-win situation. Medical equipment and supply donors include Sharing Resources Worldwide, hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, medical supply companies and individuals. The items being supplied range from operating room (OR) gloves, exam tables, anesthesia machines, hospital beds and mattresses, hospital linens and laundry items, crutches, X-ray V-box machines were loaded. Other items include surgical kits, hypodermic needles, syringes, continuous epidural trays, Coflex absorbent foam dressings, wheel chairs, walkers, and several other basic hospital requirements. The Kids Against Hunger organization donation 7,128 meals to the hospital. The meals were used by patients, as post operative nourishment.Included on the container were medical books and journals for the Buluba hospital staff. Some of the glossy journals and magazines were transported to Buluba hospital andwere eventually used by the Jinja jewelry beaders to make more of the Jinja jewelry.

2009 Medical Services Team Accomplishments:

Funds were sent from grant money to update the hospital’s surgical theatre.  Air conditioning was updated, new lighting, repair of walls and ceiling and also repairs to doors and windows were made. This was vital for continuing the operation of the surgical operating room.

Patient Statistics:

Operations Concluded:

Overall success:

2010 Medical Services Team Accomplishments:

Patient Statistics: 84 patients total, 28 female and 56 males. Below 13 years of age 13 =13,  Above 13 years of age=61

Operations Concluded: Hernia repairs, Hydocle, Orchidectomy, Excision, Laparatomies, Emergency Caeserean Section

Overall Success: All patients had good outcome, no deaths. Local Doctors, aesthetic team were able to learn from the visiting team, several supplies carried over in suitcases were left behind. The visiting team had a calm stay with no one falling sick.

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