Brenda Nabirye – May 1, 2015
Student Profile: Brenda Nabirye (2015)
School: Iganga Senior Secondary School
Gender: Female
Grade: Senior 3
Date: May 1, 2015
School Fees & Tuition Needs: $732 /
academic year

Biography: Brenda has 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother and a sister. The Father, passed in 2008. Brenda has received Hope Institute sponsorship since 2009. She attends school at Iganga Senior Secondary School, where she is in Senior 3. Since we visited with her. Hope Institute has received her grades for first trimester of 2015 academic year.  She is struggling but working hard, and the Hope Institute Mentor has encouraged her on study techniques. The teacher's report states "she is a responsible girl".  Brenda, her family and HIU very much appreciate your support of her and thank you for her fees donation. If there is any way you can donate a small amount to make up the loss of these two sponsors until I can recruit others, I would appreciate it very much. You can be donate as an individaul or be part of a team, by mail or pay on Hope Institute of Uganda Website.
Thank you.
Scholarship Team
The Hope Institute of Uganda Inc.,
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