Hope Institute of Uganda (HIU) has a strong belief that all children need and deserve an education. They need not only an academic education but a common sense education as well. Therefore we partner our children with mentors who guide them in life as well as in their endeavors at school. We believe that education is one of the keys to a better future.  This is made possible by the sale of our African jewelry.

We use an application process for each child taken into the program. Our scholarship committee selects each child, then connects them with a mentor. Next, the child is given the supplies and uniforms needed. The children are then responsible to follow all guidelines set by HIU. The mentor is responsible for connecting with the child as they make the journey through the year, ensuring a stable and productive environment. This has been highly successful. All funding has been set up directly with the school districts, who then receive funds at the beginning of each of the three annual semesters.

Our dedicated contributors have seen great successes with the students they support, here are some of them…

Emmanuel Free Methodist Church, Janesville,WI, raises funds annually to help three college age students.

St. Paul Lutheran School, Janesville Scholarship –helped by raising $280. Donations were raised by students during one Wednesday chapel service towards the disadvantaged students of Uganda. Outcome: this funded one child for three years of schooling.

Rod and Rosie The Ugandan child that receives this scholarship is Moses, now 13 years old, who until recently did not go to school. His mother died, and his absent father could not afford to pay his tuition. Rod and Rosie have taken up the responsibility to cover his tuition while the child lives with his father and step mother, in Jinja, Uganda. He will continue to receive mentoring from the Light and Life Church.

Rotary Grant – We received a $13,000 International Grant from Rotary International Foundation for elementary education. 50 children who have dropped out of school for numerous reasons were the recipient of this grant. These children reside in the slums of Masese, Jinja. Their families were either displaced by the war in Northern Uganda, or else poverty prevented paying the education fees of about $72 dollars per year. Our goal is to keep them in school and provide them with direction through our mentoring program.

HIU Mentoring:
This is a dream come true for these young people. HIU keeps in contact with all students and provides them with life skills and tools they will need to succeed. Many have had no direction set before them by parents or guardians, so we are happy to give guidance. We also send students from American universities to Uganda to expand not only their horizons but those in Uganda, to enhance programs already in place.

Ben Waiswa, 36, is one of the students who has benefited from HIU scholarship. Ben is an orphan who lost both his parents due to HIV/AIDS in 1989. He graduated from Law School at HAU in September 2008.
In his words: “Thank you for making it possible for me to have an education. There will be a great harvest from the seed you have sown in me.” Jan 2008.

Agnes Muyanga, 25, is another beneficiary of the HIU scholarship. Agnes is an orphan who lost both a parent due to HIV/AIDS in 1993. She graduated from the school of Education at Mukono Christian University in September 2008.

In her words: I am grateful for the opportunity I have received to work with people as a leader in education. This has been my dream, to study and help my siblings’ with education and help my old grandparents and cousins through my earnings.”

Judith Namugaro, 21, recently graduated from a two year course in the study of Tropical Agriculture. Judith is going on to receive her National Diploma in 2011. She graduated from Centenary Community College.

In her words: “I greatly thank you for the support you’re rendering me and above all, I thank the almighty God for enabling you to support me”

Our Long term vision:
HIU will continue to provide financial assistance to young men and women so they can complete their basic education. For those who aspire for graduate degrees or medical schools, we will guide them and provide them with information about scholarships and the admission procedures for schools worldwide.

We will continue working with the Hope Africa University in Burundi, a Methodist college that offers a faith based education. We will strive to find other universities that resonate with our vision of equipping young African men and women with the skills that will help them become future leaders.

With your help: HIU can assist more young men and women as they realize their dreams. The need for a better education is ongoing.

If you would like to receive more information on how you can subsidize a student once or long term, please contact us by mail, phone or email.

Thank you!